Miles Davis


Dating from 1981-1985 Balmain Fine Art had over 200 drawings in the original collection, purchased from Guilia Troja and all drawn whilst she and Miles lived together.

In these, his fascination with dancers is evident: most are figurative, and many feature Giulia dancing.

The sketches are light and delicately drawn. The drawings also evidence Davis' love of the female form, and his love of sci-fi with robotic, futuristic forms appearing as well as references to his African heritage.

Miles Davis


Mostly abstract, on canvas and paper, using acrylic paints, pencil and pastels, ranging in size from 2ft by 3ft up to 5ft by 6ft, Davis' paintings are dense and dark. Davis created them with Jo Gelbard, the New York artist who lived with him for the last five years of his life, and who they were purchased from by Balmain Fine Art. There are now just two of these left in the collection available for sale.

Balmain Fine Art have the largest collection of original Miles Davis artworks for sale in the world.